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Coloured pencils are easy to use, but like most things, it helps to have a little instruction before you dive in! 

We will answer your basic questions such as...

But we go much, much further than that!

Drawing of the Bowerman Stone, Dartmoor, UKthe Bowerman Stone / Dartmoor, Devon

We will introduce you to pastel and watercolour pencils and how to use them in combination.

You will discover complementary colours and what they can do to lift your art to heights you may never have imagined. 

It's not all theory - you can watch over the shoulder of two original artists. We will talk you through our thoughts and processes while we create artwork that you can attempt yourself.

These tutorials range from beginners pieces such as a bowl of fruit to complex landscapes that extend over many pages of the site.

If you want to meet Peter and Carol - the people behind the site - you can check out the About Us page, and we are open to direct questions if you wish to e-mail us.

We will soon add interactive pages so that you can share your work and ask for suggestions or critique from both us and your peers.

Barn Owl drawing on drafting filmBarn Owl, coloured pencil, by Carol Leather

There is a wealth of information here, so we have created a Contents Page to help you find your way around.

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