Coloured pencil topics

When you are new to the world of coloured pencils it can seem overwhelming. What pencils should you use, what is the best paper, can you erase things if you go wrong? You need somewhere to go to find all the information that you need, and lots that you don't even know you need!

But how about if you already know the basics and want to discover more advanced techniques, all in one place?

Penciltopics was set up by Peter Weatherill, back in 2009, to give you everything you could ever want to know about the subject of not just coloured pencils, but also watercolour pencils, pastel pencils and even how to combine them in your artwork.

Peter started painting in 1992 and discovered coloured pencils in 2003. His wealth of knowledge and experience has been shared here for you to learn from.

Although Peter retired at the beginning of 2020, the site has been taken over by Carol Leather, as the information found in these pages is too useful to lose.

It was however, time for the content to be revised and for more to be added, so Carol is currently undertaking a site overhaul. While this takes place there will be some areas that are awaiting updates so please bear with us in this transition period.

There has also been some reorganisation so if you have visited before it make take a little while to get the hang of where things have moved to. But hopefully the navigation will begin to make sense to you very quickly.

Each type of pencil has its own area on the navigation bar and once you click you will find links to all the topics in that section.

You will find that some pages fit within more than one section - for example a tutorial might be listed in the main step by step section but could also be linked from the section covering the pencils used to create it.

Peter and Carol have different specialities within the coloured pencil world - Peter is a master at landscapes whereas Carol creates animal portraits that are so realistic you feel you could stroke their fur! Of course they both create pieces on other subjects too. Between the two artists, you should find most things covered within the pages of the site. 

Ready to dive in? Have fun and don't forget to stop and eat occasionally!