I love my full box of Holbein colored pencils

by Jo Ann Koepke
(Norfolk, NE, USA)

I just got the full box of Holbein pencils. So far, I absolutely love them. I tried them with Holbein's own Meltz solvent. And that works really well. But after some reviews of glycol ethers, I am concerned about the safety of this solvent. It says on Holbein's page that it is safe but does that include studies in the USA? I am not sure.

Anyway, since I am new to colored pencil work I will have to give a fuller evaluation later. My first painting is going to be a red rose. That is a challenge with any media so I will let you know how it works.

Carol replies...

Thank you for letting us know how you are getting on with your lovely new pencils, Jo Ann.

I am in the UK, so can't answer your question about the safety rules in your country, I am afraid. There is a page about colored pencil solvent on the site that you might like to review, however.

Please do update us once you have had further experience with the pencils.

Is the rose drawing for yourself or are you creating it as a gift for someone else? Reds can be an issue with pencils as the lightfastness for those, along with pinks and purples, in many brands, is not as good as for other colors.

I would advise not hanging the finished work in a bright room, just in case.

Have fun with your Holbeins.


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